Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Evaluation Part 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? There were a variety of media technologies that I used to help me produce my music video. In the planning stage I found inspiration for my music video from watching other music videos on youtube. I watched videos from artists in a similar genre to what I wanted to produce. This helped me get inspired and learn key elements that make up a music video. I then storyboarded what i wanted my music video to look like. After I had came up with a narrative and drawn this, I scanned this into a computer. This helped me sync up the shots to the music. After this I made the storyboard into an animatic. I edited and put this together on Final Cut Pro. This helped me get a vision of what my music video would look like and what types of shots I would use. When constructing my music video I used a DSLR camera, lighting, white screens and Final Cut Pro to put my video together. I used the DSLR camera to take a variety of different shots in different angles such as close ups and mid shots of the performers.I used lighting to improve the light in the rooms I was filming as the natural light had a yellowish tint to it. To edit my footage together I used Final Cut Pro. I used a variety of different effects to help achieve my desired psychedelic and VHS look to my video. This would have been very hard to do without the technology final cut offers. For the evaluation I have used different technologies such as DSLR camera's to record a green screen analysis to answer one of the questions. I have also used powerpoint and microsoft word. Using different technologies helps make the evaluation more visually pleasing and varied.

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