Friday, 9 September 2016

Lesson Notes 8/9/2016

Advanced Portfolio:
This year we will have to create a band and for the band make a music video, a digipak and a magazine promoting the digipack.

Some things to consider when choosing a song and making a music video:
Nothing with explicit lyrics,
Do not rely on found images for the music video and digipack.

The album cover is designed to promote the artists uniq selling point (USP)... Here are some examples:
Biffy Clyro, there are Scottish
Black Sabbath, here were very heavy for the time they came out
Amy Whinehouse, Beehive hair and eyeliner
Slash,  Top hat
David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust outfit

You have to think about what colours are typical to their genre.

Typical album cover styles:
Iconic Headshot 

Iconic graphic design:

Iconic Image:

Digipak - Will have six panels: Front panel, track listing, spines, and four panels to be creative with.

Magazine Advert:
Poster based around the album cover or a different image with a small image of the album cover.

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