Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Layering Effects

To achieve my psychedelic effect I knew I would have to experiment with different effects.
The first effect I found that helped achieve my desired look was called 'prism'. This effect created an almost 3d like to the image.
Below is a before and after of the effect being added on to the footage:

The next effect I added was 'negative'. This effect inverted the colours of the footage. This made for a visually pleasing effect that appeared 'psychedelic', below is a screenshot of the effect and the settings:

Next, I wanted to make the colour of the footage appear a little more psychedelic as it was just black and white shades before. To achieve this I used colour correction. This enabled me to change the colour of the footage to be more colourful and vibrant.
Below is after I added the effect:

The final effect I added was called 'Bad TV'. This effect gave the footage a VHS look to it which I liked as my artist is inspired by bands from the 90's, a time when VHS was very popular. This effect gave the footage a 'raw' look to it and made it more grainy without loosing clarity.
Below is a screenshot of the effect after it was added to the footage:

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