Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Music Video Timeline

Music Videos are a way of promoting an artists new single or album. Music videos can be made on a small budget for lesser known artists or they can have huge budgets for massive artists who want an extravagant music video. Here is a well documented music video timeline:

1960's: The beatles release their first official muaic video for 'I Feel Fine'
This was a simple performance music video that didn't have a narrative and it is in black and white due to the technology the time it was shot and released.

1967: The Beatles release music video tv promos for their two songs Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever.

1969:  David Bowie releases  music video for Space Oddity, still only a live performance as there was still no 'music videos' as such..

1970: Top of Pops airs on british TV, artists perform live as a way of promoting their new single or album.

1975: Queen release music video for Bohemian Rhapsody (diredcted by Bruce Gowers)

1977: Saturday Night Fever was released and this is an example of intertextually as the music scenes freom the film were being played on TV.

1977: Buggles: Video Killed The Radio Star was released and this went on to be the first music video played on MTV.

1980: David Bowie releases video for Ashes to Ashes.

1981: MTV launches, a 24 hour channel showing only music videos.

1983: Micheal Jackson releases music video for Thriller, sets a new standard for high budget music videos.

1985: Vh1 launches.

1987: MTV Europe launches. This created a wider audiences for music videos as they could now be viewd more easily by a european audiences.

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